"Since 1969"

The Friends

Tom Guenther, Marc Hatzinger, Tony Valera, Jim Chase

Tommy Almond, Keyz West, East Coast Tony, Dick Mango

Watch The Friends live at the Berlin Corn Roast recorded on August 11, 2012

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Long Train Running Live

The Battle The Battle Song - T. Almond

Recorded on Bar Hoppin' by The Friends

The Battle drum solo

The Battle Song dedicated to the memory of Staff Sergeant Almond H. Hergert

March 5, 1918 - September 3, 1944

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April 7th 2018 - The Hill - Omro ~ 6:00pm ~ No Cover

May 20th 2018 - Lady of Lourdes Picnic - Depere ~ 12:00PM ~ No Cover

July 7th 2018 ~ Oshkosh Sawdust Days Mainstage ~ 4:15pm ~ No Cover

Marty Zivkos "Rock & Roll Palace" sometime in the late 70s.

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Rock & Roll Palace

Taped at the Thirsty Whale in Minoqua sometime in the early 80s.

The Torquarys - 1965

Paul Smith, Tom Guenther, Alan Ives, Jim Chase

The Torquay's started in 1964 at Webster Stanley Junior High School in Oshkosh WI and lasted until the
Summer of 1969 when they changed the name of the band to The Friends. The Torquays were popular playing
teen dances, sorority and fraternity parties, beer bars and weddings. The Torquays also played many Oshkosh High
School dances and functions including a live performance of "And Even the Wind" written by Alan Ives
and accompanied by the Oshkosh High School Concert Band at Music For Moderns "Opus 13".

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And Even the Wind - Alan Ives
Recorded by The Torquays in 1966

Tom Guenther -1966

The Friends - 1969

Alan Ives, Tom Guenther, Larry Wolff,
Jim Chase, Mark Hammond, Mike Jankee

The Friends - 1970
Mark Hammond, Tom Guenther, Alan Ives
Jim Chase, Larry Wolff, Chris Henning

The Friends - 1970
Chris Henning, Larry Wolff, Steve Witte, Bill Graves,
Alan Ives, Jim Chase, Tom Guenther

Here are a couple tunes The Friends recorded

during the Summer of 1970 at Target Studios in Appleton, WI

produced by Dan Liebhauser.

A Long Way to Go (Sweet Mary)

Wish I Could See You Again

The Friends - 1971

Steve Witte, Jim Chase, Tom Guenther
Bill Graves, Larry Wolff, Chris Henning

The Friends - 1971
Bill Graves, Chris Henning, Steve Witte
Larry Wolff, Jim Chase, Tom Guenther
These 2 barn pictures were take by Jules Blattner
in back of the Target Studios in Neenah, WI just west of 41 & BB.

The Friends - 1972
Jim Chase, Bill Graves, Steve Witte, Tom Guenther
Chris Henning, Larry Wolff

The Friends "doo/dah" Band - 1974

Tom Guenther, Jim Hoagland, Larry Wolff, Jim Chase
Walter Dean Gerhan, Bill Graves

1975 The Friends opened for The Monkees at
the Country Aire in Appleton

The Monkees went to an after bar party at Bill's
house and Patti got their autographs.

Doo Dah - 1975

Bill Graves, Larry Wolff, Jim Chase
Jim Hendrick, Tom Guenther


The Friends - 1976
Bill Graves, Jim Hendrick, Jim Chase, Tom Guenther

Oshkosh - The Friends
Recorded live at Club Sierra
in Green Bay on July 8, 1976
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The Friends - 1978
Jim "Choo-Choo" Chase, Jim "Slide" Hendrick
Tommy "Almond" Guenther, Billy "Williams" Graves

This picture was taken at the Second Chance
in Peoria Il by our good friend Rick Bowers.

The Friends Live in Concert - 1980

The Friends - 1980
Bill Graves, Tony Vallera, Tom Guenther
Dan Mueller, Jim Chase

The Friends - 1981
This picture was taken in the back room at Zivko's
"Rock & Roll Palace"

The Friends - Bar Hoppin
The Friends recorded thier 1st album in the early 80s
titled "Bar Hoppin"

Bar Hoppin was written and recorded by The Friends at Irish Saxe Studio by Jim Hendrick
and mixed by Andy Waterman at the Shade Tree in Lake Geneva

Here are few songs from Bar Hoppin

Lucky One

There Is a Rock & Roll

Good Hearted Woman

I'm Gonna Miss Her

Time Bomb

Open Your Eyes

Jimmy's Song

In 1981 The Friends recorded their 2nd original album called "A Night To Remember".
The album was recorded at Irish Saxe Studio in Appleton WI by Jim Hendrick
and was mixed by Andy Waterman at The Shade Tree in Lake Geneva, WI.
The album was never released and Tony Vallera left the band soon after its completion.

Here are the eleven songs from "A Night To Remember"
writen and recorded by The Friends.

A Night to Remember


You're Gonna Pay For That

Stroke of Luck

I don't Think Our Love is Gonna Last

No One But You

Go For It

Harry Scarry Woman



The Whale Song

The Friends - 1985
Bill Graves, Joe Weisgerber
Tom Guenther, Jim Chase

Joe Weisgerber replaced Tony Vallera in the early 80s
and was an incredibly talented guitar/bassist.

The Friends - 1985
Tom Guenther, Jim Chase, Gary Ormsbee, Bill Graves

Tom is playing a Simmons electronic drum kit

The Friends - 1986
Gary Ormsbee, Bill Graves, Jim Chase, Tom Guenther

Bobby Evans joined The Friends in the
late 80s replacing Gary Ormsbee. The Friend eventually
became a 3 piece with Jim Chase, Bobby Evans and
Tom Guenther and play some gigs as the Dairyland Kings.
The Friends played their last gig in September of
1994 at Dawn & Woody's in Beaver Dam.

The Friends Reunion Band- 2000
Marc Hatzinger, Tom Guenther, Jim Chase, Bobby Evans, Tony Vallara

The Friends -2012
No longer a Reunion Band.

The Friends -2012
Tony Vallera, Tom Guenther
Jim Chase, Marc Hatzinger


Tommy Almond 


Dick Mango


East Coast Tony

Keyz West

Next public dates are:

April 7th 2018 - The Hill - Omro ~ 6:00pm ~ No Cover

May 20th 2018 - Lady of Lourdes Picnic - Depere ~ 12:00PM ~ No Cover

July 7th 2018 ~ Oshkosh Sawdust Days Mainstage ~ 4:15pm ~ No Cover

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The Friends Videos

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Trane Mainee
Choo Choo for short but not for long.

Jimmy with Jon Sabastian (Lovin' Spoonfull)
at the Country Aire

Jimmy Chase

Tommy Almond

Tony Vallera

Tony Vallera

Hot drummin' at Sawdust Days '79

Playin' the Rogers kit

Tom Guenther at the Lourdes Dance 1970


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